Forthcoming Exhibitions

Denise Green: Lines and Margins
Block Projects
79 Stephenson St
Richmond Australia 3121
Dates: 19 September - 12 October
Opening Reception: Wednesday, 25 September from 6-8pm

Sydney Contemporary Art Fair
Sundaram Tagore booth
245 Wilson St (cnr. Codrington St)
Eveleigh NSW 2015
Dates: 19-22 September

Denise Green: Chroma /Chronos
Australian Club
100 William Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Dates: mid-April, 2014

Forthcoming Lectures and Events

Art Forum lecture
The Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery and the Tasmanian College of the Arts
Gallery 2, QVMAG Art Gallery, Royal Park
2 Wellington Street, Launceston
Tel: 61 +02 6323 3798
Dates: 12 September at 12.30pm

"An Artist's Odyssey"
Sundaram Tagore Gallery Singapore
01-05 Gillman Barracks
5 Lock Road
Tel: + 65 6694 3378
Dates: 13 September at 1.00 pm

"An Artist's Odyssey: Forging an International Artistic Career"
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Fine Arts Department
Room 202 – Cheng Ming Building
New Asia College
Dates: 16 September at 4.30pm

"An Artist's Odyssey: Forging an International Artistic Career"
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Graduate Division of Cultural Studies
Dates: TBA

Book launch and reception
Sundaram Tagore Gallery Hong Kong
57-59 Hollywood Road
Central, Hong Kong
+ 852 2581 9678
Dates: 14 September, 10.30am-12.30pm

Recent critical reviews and articles by and about Denise Green

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Michael Cathcart, "Denise Green: An Artist’s Odyssey," Books and Arts Daily, Interview ABC National Radio, look in past programs for interview.
Kidd, Courtney. "What Now? Denise Green," Australian Art Collector, January-March, pp.104-105

Denise Green: An Artist's Odyssey

Macmillan Art Publishing, 2012
University of Minnesota Press, 2012

Statement about the book: Denise Green is one of the few Australian artists of her generation to have gone overseas and sustained a career in New York. There were no models for this. She recounts 40 years of maintaining a practice in Europe, the USA and Australia in an increasingly globalized art world. There are three main themes to the book: what led Green to become an artist, a critical appraisal of her work and its evolution, and the development of her career.

In this book there is a dialectic between the critical and autobiographical. In Green's three chapters she describes her beginnings in Brisbane and her subsequent years of training in Paris where she witnessed the events of 1968. Moving to New York's Soho to develop as a painter, she became embroiled in an art world that was theoretically and ideologically challenging painting. New York still provided a serious context for painting, but as a cutting edge practice, it was being given less serious consideration. Despite these challenges she maintained her focus as a painter and shaped an international career. Moreover, in her writings about art, she countered the prevailing ideology.

The book is unique because of the interplay of voices and perspectives. It stands as a monograph, an autobiography and a critical study. In addition to Green's chapters, it includes nine chapters by prominent figures in the art world from diverse backgrounds now based in Australia, the USA or Europe. Ingrid Periz, Richard Kalina, Frances Lindsay, Anthony Bond, Peter Timms, Roland Moenig, Christoph Trepesch, Lilly Wei and Kerry Stokes add perspective to the book's historical context and a wider opinion on the globalized art world today.