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Metonymy in Comtemporary Art
A new paradigm

Denise Green
In this book Denise Green develops an original approach to art criticism and modes of creativity which is inspired by aspects of Australian Aboriginal and Indian thought that are relevant to contemporary painting and current aestheic sensibilities. The book interweaves her own evolution as an artist, a critique of Clement Greenberg and Walter Benjamin, and commentary on other artists.

Denise Green introduces the concept of metomymic thinking, as developed by the late poet and linguist, A. K. Ramanujan, one that is often different from what is present in Western art critical writing. In Ramanujan's formulation of metonymic thinking, the human and natural worlds are intrinsically related to one another as are the transcendent and mundane worlds. Metonymic thinking in contemporary art implies that one must take into account the inner world of the artist. When artists create metonymically there is a fusion between an inner state of mind and outer material world.

Denise Green had first discovered this mode of thinking in her own work and shows how it has been present in the evolution of her work. It is also applicable to the work of other contemporary artists, such as Agnes Martin, Joseph Beuys, and Brice Marden, among others. This different aesthetic and cognitive mode is often missing in teh critical discourse on contemporary art. Denise Green's argument allows contemporary art to be interpreted from a broader, more global and pluralist perspective.

About the Author
Denise Green has collaborated as editor of Semiotext(e), Columbia University. Her writings have appeared in Arts Magazine, Art Press (Paris), Art Monthly Australia, and Art and Australia. She has also had retropectives in major museums, from P.S.1 Center for Contemporary Art/Museum of Modern Art in New York, to the Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney, to the Ludwig Museum Budapest and the Saarland Museum in Saarbrucken, Germany.

"In this uber-narrative, veering between autobiography and art criticism, Denise Green resists all party lines. Drawing on a wide range of sources, she constructs her own model of multicultural influence, blurring and smudging as many boundaries as she can along the way. Readers can be grateful to Green for her example of integrated thinking. It helps to free us all from the isolation of a single Western paradigm, which creates unnecessary walls and limits in the mind." -Suzi Gablik, author of Has Modernism Failed and the Reenchantment of Art

Published by Macmillan Art Publishing, a division of Palgrave Macmillan, a division of Macmillan Australia Pty Ltd, ISBN 1-876832-21-5 co-published by The University of Minnesota Press ISBN 0-81664878-6. Available June 2005. 160 pp. approx. 62 color plates, 7 5/8" x 9"